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6 Tips For Planning A Kids’ Party On Budget

By Natalie Wong on July, 9 2019

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Natalie Wong

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Throwing an elaborate birthday party will probably bring a lot of stress to parents who are busy and tight on budget. Partify has collected a few inexpensive party ideas which will help you save money while making your kids’ party memorable. 


Tip #1: Have the Party at Home

It’s inexpensive and intimate. The kids can interact with each other more closely within a limited space. You can also rearrange the furniture and decorate your house with unlimited freedom, which you cannot get with any other venues.

If you’re worried about not having enough space for the kids to have fun, read our blog about how to rearrange your apartment for the party here

A lot of people think throwing a great party must involve a venue, but inviting your guests to your natural habitat is a chance of showing off, too! A deep-cleaned (a term invented by my mother) house will impress your guests, who will think of you as a well-organized parent ;) 

You’re also killing two birds with one stone here since you’re both planning a party and cleaning up the corner that’s been haunting you since January. It’s a double win in disguise. If cleaning is still not enough, try decluttering as well, Marie Kondo style. Do we really need all the things we have? Keep only what makes you happy.


Tip #2: Send Out Carefully Designed Email Invitations to ONLY A FEW

If you’re having the party at home, invite a few of your kids’ closest friends who have similar hobbies. That way, the activity you plan for the party will be more engaging to everyone. 

If you’re inviting parents, less is a gain because you get to talk to them longer individually. You’ll also be less distracted. 

Since we’re living in a digital age, you can send out creative, carefully-designed email invitations with online tools that are all super easy to use (no programming 101 needed). This is a short list (but there are also others):

Free Tool #1: Evite  - This is the oldest e-invites website and is totally free. It gives you many free email invitation designs for kids’ parties. Your guests can choose whether to rsvp in the emails.

Free Tool #2: Canva - This website allows you to customize your designs and download them for free. Printing them out is also a low-cost option. 

Cheap and Fancy Tool #3: PaperlesspostThis website has all the tools that Canva and Evite have. Your guests can upload pictures from your party to an image wall that’s included in the email. However, if you use more intricate designs, it costs more. 


Tip #3: Pick the Best Theme

Choosing a theme will actually make your planning process a little easier because other things such as food, decorations, and entertainment can revolve around it. It would also give your guests a coherent impression of what this party is about, which makes it more memorable.

Coming up with a theme starts with your child. What are his/her interests? What’s his/her favorite movie? Throwing a party with a relevant theme will make him or her feel loved and important and truly enjoy the day. 

We offer dozens of themes (from trendy Disney and Marvel options to more traditional fairies, under the sea and many many more) for children’s birthday parties at Partify. Try our one-click free service to pick out the best theme and plan your next party.

Tip #4: Buy One & DIY the Rest

After you pick a theme, decorations will follow. A simple and cheap party decorating idea is buying one thing or one set of things to make an impression while DIY the rest.

Let’s say you’re throwing a Frozen party, just think about what will make it look most Frozeny when you go to the supply stores. For example, here’s a photography backdrop from Amazon that will immediately make the party theme jump out. 


You don’t need to decorate every corner of your house, just some visually compelling objects (backdrop, photo booth background) will do, and the rest can be theme related (like ice blue dinnerware and napkins). The purpose is to create an overall impression. Let’s face it, your guests will probably forget what the napkins look like a few days after, but they will still remember a big, colorful poster. 

There are two questions to ask when you’re looking for decorations:

  1. If I can only buy one thing, which will it be? 
  2. And if I make it myself, will it look as good? 

This rule of one actually saves you from wandering around stores for hours. Sometimes we’re spending more than we’d like not because things are expensive (the poster is $22, but if it is the only decoration piece that is a good price), but because we are often tempted. Plan what you want to buy in advance and order online. 

Here’re some other examples from Amazon:

Superhero theme:

Princess theme:

Circus theme:

After you pick the few decorations you want to buy (you really don’t need more than that), you can do the rest yourself. And the important thing here is colors. Decide your theme-relevant colors, which should ideally be two and not be more than three. 

Why? Having fewer colors is more effective. If you have more than five, it looks cluttered. Using simple color combinations for DIY decorations will also make them reusable. 

Needless to say, Pinterest is your best friend, and Partify has boards for inspiration for any party theme you can imagine. 

Tip #5: Make Easy Snacks

A common way to stay on budget is to invite people between meals (4-5 p.m.) and just prepare snacks. Similar to decorations, use Pinterest for craft idea and stick to the primary colors you choose. Another amazing option is Red Velvet, who brings DIY baking kit to your kitchen and lets your kids have fun making a cake together. 

The most important thing to be remembered: make something nice and simple if you’re not a Michelin-starred chef. You’re not competing with anyone. Cut vegetables and fruit - parents will love you for keeping it healthy.


Tip #6: Upgrade Your Kid’s Hobbies & Include Everyone

Just like decorations, think of one activity that’s fun for everyone. Going back to your kids’ interests, does he/she like crafts/sports/stuffed animals? What is something that your child does with his/her friends regularly? 

Let’s say your daughter likes making bracelets. You can ask other kids who come to the party to make bracelets together and open a mini bracelet shop, where they can trade with each other. With sports it’s even easier, just compete and win prizes! The prize itself doesn’t need to be too fancy, since winning over other kids will be a prize already. 

If your activity involves exchanging crafts or giving prizes, goody bags may not be necessary. 

Not asking for gifts by unclicking the gift option in the email invitations or throwing a fiver party are other good alternatives. You can also use our free one-click service to find some goody bags ideas that save you money while making the children happy.

No matter what activity you choose, the point is to let everybody have fun participating. Choose an activity that all guests will like. If you really wish to have an entertainer, you can borrow your own friends or relatives, send a message in your facebook groups, or let each of the kids to perform something for everyone. 



You’re officially done with how to plan a kid’s party in cheap and easy ways. You can plan a great party with minimum money & effort if you follow all the suggestions. 

Share this article if you find it helpful or leave a like below. If you have any questions, you can click the “contact us” page or write a comment.

Written by: Natalie Wong.

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