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Playlists for a Sing & Dance House Party for Kids of All Ages

By David Kim on May, 13 2020

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David Kim

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If you choose to party at home, or want to make sure your child’s party will be fun - we think that a sing & dance party can be a great idea - and we have assembled you the perfect playlist for any age. This can also fit you if you’re hosting a child’s birthday party and don’t have time to prepare a list of songs or want one that was already curated for you. Partify Party experts have created these birthday party playlists for all ages based on thousands of parties and our experience as parents ourselves. Partify’s playlists are on Youtube and Spotify and you can easily find them there in the search, or just click below on your preferred selection. These playlists contain all the kids’ favorite songs, divided into age groups, and are guaranteed to make all the little guests and the birthday child happy and dancing.


1. Happy 1st Birthday Playlist

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Our playlist for a one year old birthday party consists of 35 songs including “Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes,” “Baby Shark Dance,” “B-i-n-g-o,” and more. These pieces that specifically target 1 year old kids and toddlers in general contain extremely easy dance moves and catchy melodies they probably know from school or music classes. Thus, this playlist can be played for any toddler birthday party and we can guarantee that all the kids (and even the adults) will jump, sing, and dance to the rhythm of these all time favorites.


2. Happy 2nd Birthday Playlist


For your kid’s second birthday party, you can play this list of 33 songs that toddlers love. These are fun and renowned songs that kids know from school, classes and other parties they attended. Playing pieces such as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the Frozen, “ABC,” and “Chu Chu Ua'' can be mimicked easily because of their not dance-like moves. Because these are the songs that the majority of kids know, it can be played to be shared with birthday party attendees to uplift the atmosphere!


3. Happy 3rd Birthday Playlist


This third birthday party playlist has two favorite lineups, “Trolls: Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “I’m Coming Out,” from the soundtrack of Trolls, the movie. These jumpy and fun songs are representative of the cheerful atmosphere of our 3rd birthday parties playlist - it includes classic songs all kids love as well as some recent hits. It will make your kids’ birthday fun and festive.


4. Happy 4th Birthday Playlist


For the 4 year olds playlist, among 26 songs, we have included some old school music so that both other parents and the little 4 year old kids can enjoy it. The little ones can also taste the variety of music genres and widen their vision. “The Birthday Song” by Disney and “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5 can be a great introduction to past music trends while it can allow your kids to celebrate their birthday with fun and happy songs. Other music they will for sure know is the ultimate kids hits such as “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid.


5. Happy 5th Birthday Playlist

pasted image 0 (1)-3

We have picked more than 30 songs for the ultimate 5 years old playlist, including kids’ hits such as “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King, “Let It Go” from the Frozen, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and a music video of “Old Town Road” that was danced by KIDS BOP kids. Our selection for 5 year old children mainly possess mega hit animation music and pop music, on top of a few happy birthday songs. This mix and match composition will make your children’s birthday party enjoyable and would definitely keep the kids (and adults) entertained.


6. Happy 6th Birthday Playlist


For our 6 year olds parties playlist, we picked well-known songs with content that lift your kids’ confidence, as it is a time in their life when self-esteem development is crucial - and of course these songs make birthday parties even more joyful. A song like “High Hopes” can allow your kids’ to have their special day be even more memorable. This is combined with some of the kids favorite cartoon soundtracks classics from Frozen, Moana, Trolls and more. Through thinking about the process that these characters go through while listening, your kids can not only develop their self-esteem, but also how to enhance it.


7. Happy 7th Birthday Playlist

pasted image 0 (2)-2

This ultimate playlist for 7 year olds contains some of their favorite songs to date - My Year from Zombies and Love is an Open Door from Frozen. Those thrilling and well known songs might be the best picks for our seven year old children birthday parties playlist. It is because they contain themes that kids can think about the lyrics when they are singing and uplift their spirit. In fact, this playlist also consists of pieces that contain specific thematic messages in their lyrics. Brave, Best Day of My Life, Girls Like You and more by KIDZ BOP kids are examples. Via listening and dancing to these playlists, your kids can develop linguistic and poetic ability by pondering about the meaning of lyrics that writers want to deliver. Kids can apply their emotion to lyrics as well! 


8. Happy 8th Birthday Playlist

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For our 8 years old party playlist, we have selected music that can make your child and the little guests feel like they are professional dancers. “Watch Me” by Silento and KIDZ BOP kids’ “Thank U, Next” and “My House” music videos consist of the most challenging but fulfilling choreography that can satisfy elementary school students’ deeper level of joy in regards to dance. These songs are current hits among pre-tweens and they are sure to like this trendy song selection. If you want your party to be a success - make sure to play this list and their little legs will be jumping at no time. Through these playlists, your kids can follow the trendy music to talk about with their fellows. And, this trendy selection might develop your kids’ interests toward new pop songs that are released every week. Or, your kids might tell you that they actually want to learn how to dance!


We have walked through each playlist’s songs that can be turned on for kids’ happy sing and  dance birthday parties. These are kids’ favorites, so if you need to quickly draw a playlist and know that you are on the spot with every choice - these are the playlists for you. You can find more of the party expert’s choices on Partify’s Youtube and Spotify channel. Hope our music selection can make your kids happier on their special day!

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