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Planning for our little one’s party is a bit overwhelming with so many details and different pieces that need to come together, and the day of the event is the most stressful of all! From coordinating with the venue, scheduling with the entertainer, building the ideal timeline of the child’s party, making sure the pizza is on time and the list goes on and on. We are so worried we’ll forget something or get stuck at the last minute that we don’t think clearly and the chances to forget increase even more.

To help you reduce the stress and ensure your child has the best birthday ever, we answered some common parents’ questions and prepared tips to help you remember all the tiny details for the day of the party.


What are the small things I should buy in advance and bring with me to the party location?

  • Duct tape

  • Scissors

  • A pen or a pencil

  • Candles for the cake and matches or a lighter

  • A knife and serving dishes for the food and cake

  • A playlist for music - and don’t forget to ask which devices can play music before the event, to make sure you can plug in easily

  • Water for the guests (many forget and serve only juice!)

  • An extra table cover, just in case

  • All the decorations that you prepared for the party

  • Optional - A bucket or box for gifts



When should I arrive at the venue and how should I prepare the space? 

We recommend arriving at the venue 30-45 minutes before the guests are invited to allow a stress-free set up. Once you arrive, make sure to:

  • Set up the food tables with your special design. Don’t forget to bring: Plates, cups, napkins, table cover, forks and spoons, and most importantly the food and drinks that you prepared

  • Set up the cake table and party favors

  • Put up all the decorations (beware - some can be surprisingly complicated to put together and should be put together in advance!)

  • If it's rainy, make sure there is somewhere to put all the coats and umbrellas

  • If you decided to set up a photo-booth, choose the best corner and take a look at the background and lighting to make sure the pictures are Instagramable

  • Set up a box or table for birthday presents

  • Put some music on to make sure it works

  • Help the entertainers set up and don’t forget to let them know what you expect from them in terms of timeline, as well as ny empasis for the activity itself

  • If your child and the entertainer haven’t met before, make sure to introduce them and have them chat a bit before the party, your child will enjoy more feeling connected to the entertainer


The guests are starting to arrive – what should I do now?

Enjoy yourself, that’s the most important thing!

Remember that only you will notice if the pizza delivery is 10 minutes late or if there are not enough napkins. Have fun, it’s your child’s special day.

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