5 Tips for Outdoor Kids Birthday Parties


Winter is officially behind us, and it is time to enjoy the sun! While outdoor birthday parties are a lot of fun for kids, we at Partify understand how much work it can be for parents. To make your life easier, here are five tips tackling different aspects of outdoor kids birthday party ideas for toddlers, covering the grand scheme like location, details like food display and many more.

1. Location: Take Advantage of Local Parks with Suitable Facilities

For a summer outdoor party, local parks work as a great alternative to your traditional backyard spots, especially for parents in cities like New York City, where often apartments are too small. Vast greenery and open spaces provide a large playground for kids to run around in. And contrary to popular beliefs, local parks come with an array of amenities, varying from one to another. Use local blogs and the city’s website in order to find a list of playgrounds - for NYC you can find all the playgrounds here or to look at Mommy Poppins’ summary of local parks in NYC according to different neighborhoods and what they have to offer. In addition to distances, it is also worth considering how many tables are in place, if there are designated children’s facilities, what is the view like, etc. It is equally important to keep in mind that for larger parties,  permits are required in some areas. And of course, always have a plan B in case of sudden summer rain or if the weather is just too hot.

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2. Food: Prepare Non-Perishable Food

Catering at an outdoor venue can be a bit tricky. With the hot weather, it is a challenge to keep the food fresh and tasty. It would be best to try to arrange the party during less hot hours. If the party goes on for just a few hours, easy-to-make appetizers like dip, skewers and sliders are a great way to pick your own ingredients and save some money. Southern Living showcases 26 ideas for outdoor appetizers with step-by-step instructions. When catering a full-on meal, US News has suggested ten classic dishes for outdoor weathers that are not easy to spoil. For our readers who live in Austin, Texas, Valentina’s Sweet Art offers a unique experience of decorating cookies that combines durable food and party activities. Read more about them in our blog post about cookie decorating!


3. Display: Use Tiered Plates and Trays to Save Space

It is no secret that in backyards or parks, there are limited spaces and platforms to display your food. To maximize the use of space, we at Partify recommend using tiered trays and platters. Consider it not only as dishware but also a piece of decoration that compliments the tone of your party. For a clean and simple look, you can never go wrong with an acrylic stand. For something more elegant and classy, porcelain platters and glass trays are great choices. And remember, tiered platters can also be used for any future parties or in daily lives, which makes a practical investment.


4. Entertainment: Brighten Things Up with Live Music

Looking for something to tie the whole party together? Nothing is better than some live music! “Baby Shark” or “Old Macdonald”, the little one’s favorite songs will easily set a cheerful tone. If you go with a band, make sure there will be enough outlets at your chosen venue. Other musicians, like our partners at Jam with Jamie, can work with simple instruments like a guitar and a tambourine to interact with kids while playing the tunes. To entertain the entire party, our partners at U and ME remix songs for both kids and parents to sing along. When it comes to outdoor music, don’t forget to provide some shades and shelters for performers, so that they can be as comfortable as the guests. Especially at a park venue, visit the spot before the event at around the same time of day to make sure there is shade.

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5. Care: Don’t Forget Sunblock and Bug Repellents

Although what people fear the most with outdoor events is unpredictable weather, sunny summer days won’t be as enjoyable if the kids and guests are not protected from UV lights and bugs. To ensure that the party goes smoothly, it will always be appreciated if the host provides sunblock and bug wipes. For a larger number of people, it is more pragmatic to use spray sunblock and individually packaged bug wipes. To increase the level of comfort and fun, bring a small inflatable swimming pool with toys and ask people to bring bathing suits and clothes to change. Now that everyone feels nice and worry-free, it is time to enjoy the party!

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