7 Tips On How To Throw An Amazing Kids’ Pool Party


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Throwing a kids’ pool party is a perfect way to celebrate summer birthdays. Since a pool party is a little different than a home or park party, you might need some new pool party ideas for pulling it together. Whether you want to choose a pool party package or DIY, here are 7 tips on how to organize a fun pool party for the little ones.

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1. Choose The Right Pool

Choosing the right venue is the first step to a successful party. Though there are countless options in NYC, some packages are all-inclusive while others can be customized more. The price also varies depending on what they offer. Since it is time-consuming to search for the perfect venue for your kids’ party, you can check out our blog on all the NYC pool venues, from public pools, affordable options to fancy rooftop pool. We’re sure that you can find the one that suits you the best. 

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2. Make Your Invites Special

One way to take your pool party up a notch is to turn pool floats or beach balls into invites to get your guests excited. Once you have the inflatable drink holders or beach balls ready, blow them up and grab a marker to write down the details on the surface, such as name, date, and location. Deflate the drink holders or beach balls and ask the guests to blow them up and bring them to the party. The kids can play with them in the pool, and they will also become colorful decorations for your party. 

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3. DIY Decorations That Look Beachy

You can turn the planning process into a family experience while making the party more affordable by DIY easy decorations with your child. For example, crazy straws are one of the things that will instantly give your pool party a beachy look. And they are great photo props as well. Learn how to make them following the simple steps below.  

Supplies you need:

  1. Acrylic straws 
  2. Heat gun or small toaster oven (minimum age: 8 years old)
  3. Oven mitts
  4. Pen and paper

The first step is to design the shapes of the straws on paper, such as “hey,” “you,” or a bunch of loops. If you’re ambitious, go for the names of the kids. Then turn on your oven to 350 degrees or preheat your heat gun. Either way make sure you stay in a well-ventilated environment. Put a straw into the oven and take it out when its consistency becomes that of licorice. You can use your heat gun to do the same thing. Have your oven mitts on and mold the straw into the shape you want. Do it quickly so that the straw won’t become rigid again. If you mess it up, just put the straw into the oven again and start over. Want more DIY pool party decorations ideas? Check out our Pinterest board here for inspiration.

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4. Set Up A Pool Party Photo booth Backdrop

Set up a photo booth backdrop for your pool party is one way to ensure that your guests go home with amazing pictures to remember this day by. The kids will love this beautiful unicorn backdrop, and you can get them other photo props to make the picture taking Hawaiian style. 

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5. Make An Ice Cream Cake 

Who wouldn’t love some icy treats during the summer, especially at a pool party? If you’re celebrating your little one’s birthday, you can combine the two together and surprise him or her with a lemon sorbet cake that never melts. 

Ingredients you need:

  1. White cake mix
  2. Lemon sorbet
  3. 3 eggs
  4. ¼ cup oil 

The first step is to mix all the ingredients together (the lemon sorbet needs to be melted). Put the mixture into a greased pan and follow the instructions on the box on how to bake it. After that, cover it with icing to make it look like a popsicle. You can pipe on some melty icing using a plastic bag and add some sprinkles to decorate it. For more tasty snacks for your pool party, check out our Pinterest board here.

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6. Plan Some Pool Games

Sometimes you don’t have to think too hard for a pool party activity because the kids will figure out something on their own, such as playing Marco Polo or swimming like mermaids. But if you want them to have extra fun, giving them some pump blasters or water guns would be a good choice. Believe it or not, those things can keep the kids occupied for a long time. They just don’t get tired of spraying water on everything. 

Another entertaining game for your pool party is called Ping Pong Scramble. Get a bag of ping pong balls and dump them in the pool. Give the kids some buckets and let them form a circle in the middle of the pool. They should collect as many ping pong balls as they can once the game starts. You can also write different numbers on the balls, and whoever has the largest number in total wins. 

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7. Prepare Goodie Buckets Instead Of Goodie Bags

Using beach buckets for holding party favors will impress your guests, who will keep those buckets for their next trip to the beach. And you don’t have to worry about the damp paper bags. If you’re using beach balls or pool floats for invitations, let the kids take those home after the party. Besides those, water guns, bubble wands, neon bubble bottles, and plastic sunglasses are some other gifts you can put in the goodie buckets. 

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We’re sure that these tips will make your pool party unforgettable.

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Written by: Natalie Wong.

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