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Top 8 Picks in Chelsea for Your Little One's Birthday

By Sabrina Nie on November, 14 2019

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Sabrina Nie

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Chelsea is an amazing neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan, NYC with scenic views, trendy restaurants and the neighborhood’s mainstay, Chelsea Market. In addition to these popular spots for adults, there are several spaces made perfect for a child’s birthday party and we have several suggestions for you. So, if you are looking for venues in Chelsea for your child’s next birthday party, read more on our top suggestions for toddler, kid and teen party spots.

1. The Field House at Chelsea Piers

   62 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011

   Recommended Ages: 3 - 8   

City dwellers often mention how they would love to have more space for children to run freely,  whether that be through playing sports or simply having fun with friends. Chelsea’s Field House provides just that, housing a bowling alley, pool, and much more. The Field House offers over 25 different types of sporting activities, including golfing, skating, and hockey. In addition to the wide-range of activities this venue offers, the space also has specialized instructors on the spot that will not only ensure your party guests are safe, but will also help make the best of their experience and teach them new skills they might have otherwise lacked. 


2. Taste Buds Kitchen

    109 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

    Recommended Ages: All Ages

Figure out what you’re having for dinner yet? Problem solved. Book your party at Taste Buds Kitchen so guests can indulge in a meal they made from scratch. The special part of Taste Buds Kitchen is their variety of recipes they offer to make, here are just a few examples of them: BBQ Cauliflower Wings (which taste like chicken wings!), Bruschetta, Healthy Hummus, and more. Guests are led by culinary experts in making a dish, making sure your party food isn’t only fun to prepare, but delicious to eat as well. 

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If you’d prefer to celebrate in your own space or have a different venue in mind, Taste Buds Kitchen is able to come to you. Their “At Home Parties” give the chance for your little one to be the host and for them to be the entertainment. 

3. Bowlmor Chelsea Piers

    Chelsea Piers - Pier 60, New York, NY 10011

    Recommended Ages: 5 -9

Besides the to-die-for scenic views overlooking the Hudson River, Bowlmor also offers bowling, an assortment of arcade games, and even laser tag. This place is known for its loud and rowdy setting, so if you’re looking for a less-restricted place and plan on having a large number of guests, then this venue may be for you. Further, if you’re interested in the venue but feel it is too expensive, there are discounts during the weekdays. 

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4. My Cooking Party

    25 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

    Recommended Ages: 6 - 10

Check out another Chelsea cooking spot for a fantastic birthday party. Celebrate the day eating pre-made appetizers and sitting in on a cooking lesson where you’ll learn how to make food ranging from coconut shrimp to pork chops with polenta. Come on in to eat amazing food and have your child bond with his or her best friends by experiencing a new memory together.

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5. Build-a-Bear Workshop

    22 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

    Recommended Ages: 1 - 2 Year Olds and Up

At Build-A-Bear Workshop, kids get to actually make their own stuffed animal through a hands-on, interactive process. You can put in as much stuffing you need for the fluff, and even put a heart into the stuffed toy. It’s really no surprise that this Workshop is becoming one of the top attractions for toddlers in NYC. Only the NYC location has this party option that allows kids to experience arts and crafts in a whole different style. In the end, the kids will receive a new friend to bring home and cherish forever.

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In addition to the party, Build-A-Bears party invites the special birthday child over to their one of a kind Build-a-bear studio, as a part of the package deal, to record a special message that will be aired onto the Build-A-Bear radio on the famous iHeartRadio station. 

6. Broadway Bashes at the Peoples Improv Theatre

    123 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010

    Recommended Ages: 5 and Up

With a newly renovated 99-seat theater, the birthday boy or girl can sit in the comfy chairs with their closest friends and family and watch an improvised performance by professional performers and musicians, all at the Broadway Bashes. Kids can end the festivities with a dance party hosted by the crew and grown-ups can take advantage of the full bar onsite. The VIP package allows you to include more activities into the play such as karaoke, balloon art, face painting etc. The Peoples Improv Theatre is going to leave your kids squiggling and squealing in their chairs and wanting to come back for more.


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7. Kids at Work

    123 W 20th St #2E, New York, NY 10011

    Recommended Ages: 1 - 6

Once you experience the Kids at Work Signature Art party, you will never forget it. This venue is known for kids to have “independent work” and is a free for all environment that allows children to start crafts and finish whenever they want to, no rush to do it all in one sitting. There are options that include: musical entertainment, a cookie/cupcake decorating activity, a hands-on animal exploration session (live animals are included). 

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8. Museum of Illusions

    77 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014

    Recommended Ages: 5 and Up

Museum of Illusions offers unique visuals as an educational experience for your child and all the guests. The party set offers an illusionist, an activity on how to solve didactic and puzzle games along with photography in all the fun rooms, and a fun tour around the museum to check out all the illusions. Your kids will want to stay in the funky rooms to stare at their elongated faces for hours! 

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We’ve found the places for you, and now the next step is for you to pick and choose what suits you and your child the best. You can book everything at with our experienced party planners at no cost. Click away, relax, and start planning that party! 

If you’re planning a birthday party for a little one, make sure to check out our free party planning service:


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