Top Five NYC Activities to Do on a Birthday with Tweens


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With the constant everyday grind in school, a fun activity could really help your tween children relax and refocus. There will be times when you want to give your tween a special birthday outing, a reward for nailing their exams, or just a good time that they deserve altogether. Whatever the case may be, here are five tween-friendly activities in NYC that we’ve collected for you.


Activity #1: Rooftop Sightseeing




Experiencing the city from its highest parts is a surreal feeling. It gives people a new look upon New York, which emphasizes more than just corporate filled streets. Whether it be for a study break or a casual family outing, the best places to do this include  “Top of the Rock,” “Brooklyn Heights Promenade,”and “One “World Observatory.” Some of these will cost a bit of money, but it is totally worth it. Where else can you go thousands of feet high and appreciate a breathtaking view without compromising the kids’ safety? Make sure you bring a camera and go at primetime, aka either sunset or at night when the lights are brightest. 


Activity #2: Cruise Day 


It’s your child’s birthday and y’all are trying to do something outdoorsy, so why not do it in the most colorful way possible? Imagine the feeling of that salty ocean air rushing through as you sip your sweet iced tea while watching the vibrant fireworks light up the sky. That’s what many of the NYC cruises offer. It’s a perfect take on the whole city scene, relieving you and your family of all stress. You get to sightsee as well, with many of the different boats’ routes glimpsing through the Statue of Liberty and the beautiful Manhattan skyline. It will be an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a night free of concern.



Activity #3: NYC’s Play+Eats


There are several delicious NYC restaurants in case your child wanted to have a nice, fun, and fancy dinner for their birthday. The first must try is Ninja New York in Tribeca. This Japanese restaurant offers mouth watering sushi along with other popular Japanese dishes, while the waiters come to perform magic tricks and interact with the kids. The quality of their fish is unbeatable, with over 1000 google reviews testifying to its appeal. The second restaurant option is Marriot Marquis’ rotating rooftop restaurant. You really can’t go wrong with any of their dishes, but my personal favorite would be the crispy skinned salmon. The skin is grilled to perfection while the body of the fish is cooked precisely to however rare you want it. What makes this spot even better is the amazing view, which funnily makes the food tastier. Maybe it’s just the placebo effect, but regardless, it’s a great restaurant that you need to try out.




Activity #4: Indoor Water Park 


Yes, the indoor water park might not be in New York, but there are some close enough to make it count. One of my favorites is the Great Wolf Lodge Resort. This is perfect for a weekend getaway, as there is a giant indoor water park along with other fun things to do. Another great one is in New Jersey, which is called the Sahara Sam. It’s only two hours away from NYC by car, and along with its amazing water park, it also promotes a great seasonal outdoor beach club. Research shows that kids love water amusement parks more than regular theme parks. Take your family there and you’ll see why.




Activity #5: SPA DAY


Boys will claim that it is not for them, but you’d be surprised at the amount of males whom would appreciate a good spa day. It’s not usually on lists like these, but taking your whole family to a spa can be a great experience. One of the better ones in the city for a full family outing is the Milk & Cookies Spa & Salon. This is perfect for the kids because they have specific programs for children. Treatments specifically designed for the boys include the “Cookie Monster Attack Treatment” and the “Slimy Booger Invasion Treatment”. These two packages include a soak, scrub, souffle, buff, and tattoo. For the women, the spa offers the classic, but great pedicure/manicure experience, while the employees run around serving bomb cookies.



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Written by: Joshua Salim.

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