Remember how we used to celebrate our birthdays when we were young? things used to be more simple back then:

Mom would bake us a plain chocolate cake, buy some snacks, inflate a couple of balloons and we would play outside until it got dark and our parents would come to pick us up. 

But nowadays? most birthday parties are much bigger, have a theme, matching decoration, an inflatable playground, musician, decorated cake, brunch for the parents, pizza for the kids, petting animals or a magician or Disney princesses (or all of the above!), goodie bags, photographer and more. You want to keep up with the trends, spend hours and hours exploring Pinterest for party and design inspiration, cut DIY Moana party hats all night long, start a new diet over way too much cake tasting and feel you are on-par with all of the other parents at school. It can easily qualify for a full-time job and it will only set expectation for a bigger party next year! If you have more than one child it becomes a never ending project.

What would you say if there was a way to avoid all the hassle without compromising any aspect of your child's personally tailored party?

What would you give to have someone else do all of that hard work for you?

How about- absolutely nothing?

Partify is a FREE service that allows you to plan and book your child's birthday party from A to Z with a click of a button. All you need to do is enter your preferences for vendors such as venue, food and entertainment for the party on the easy-to-use platform, set up a budget and that's it! Partify will take care of the rest, including: venue, entertainment, food, invites, cake, decorations, goodie bags, photography and more. Partify is powered by AI and machine learning technology to make sure you get access to everything you need and what fits your family best.

Your child's birthday is a day of celebration, of fun and creating beautiful memories for the entire family. It should be stress-free for both child and parents, and should not be spent coordinating food, negotiating tips, checking up on the clown or trying to get a good picture. With Partify your experience of throwing the party will be simple and fun, and Partify can provide you with a helper on the day of the event - a Partifyer. The Partifyer will be with you on site, making sure everything runs like clockwork, supervising the event before, during and after it ends, and will help you take pictures. With your Partifyer, everyone will enjoy the party!

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